Dust Extraction And Collection

Dust Management Solutions

As experts in our field, we understand the challenges that come with dust management in various industries. Whether you are dealing with fine dust particles or heavy debris, our advanced technology and customized solutions will make your workspace cleaner, safer, and more productive.

Step into the future with our state-of-the-art dust extraction systems, engineered to efficiently seize and eliminate dust at the very source, while securely storing it within specialized dust collectors. Drawing on our wealth of expertise in dust extraction and collection, we will collaborate intimately with you, ensuring a tailor-made solution that fits perfectly with your specific demands.

Baghouses & Cartridge Filter Systems

Our dust collectors are equipped with either cylindrical filter bags or cartridges supported by robust filter cages, delivering an unmatched filtration surface area, ideal for various industries, such as mining, processing, manufacturing, product handling, surface preparation, packaging, milling, and beyond. Our bespoke-designed baghouses and cartridge filter systems are precisely tailored to meet your unique requirements. Trust in our expertise and innovative technology to maintain your facility's cleanliness, safety, and adherence to industry regulations.


Step into the realm of our cyclone separators, where air ingeniously enters from the top and is directed into a circular, descending motion, as the air velocity slows down, the weighty particles are separated and fall out of the air stream, allowing you to enjoy the cleaner air released from the top of the cyclone.

Our Cyclone separators offer two options for dust reduction. They function effectively as standalone solutions to minimize dust expulsion in a system, or they can be combined with a filter type dust collector that plays a crucial role in collecting larger particles before they reach the collector. This combination significantly extends the lifespan of the selected filter media.

Cyclones are used in various applications but are common in the woodworking industry as well as in industries that generate larger “dust” particles such as recycling.

Flue Gas Cleaning Systems

The primary objective of a flue gas cleaning system is to mitigate the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere and safeguard both the ecosystem and human health. This includes but is not limited to heavy metals, dioxins and substances which cause acidification and eutrophication.

Our bespoke flue gas cleaning systems is the ideal solution for industries dedicated to minimizing their ecological impact. Each system is intricately customized to perfectly align with the specific requirements of our clients. Through the integration of advanced technologies and innovative air pollution engineering, our flue gas cleaning systems proficiently eradicate harmful pollutants and particulate matter from flue gases, ensuring unwavering adherence to rigorous environmental regulations.

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