Scrubber Systems

Industry-Specific Scrubber System Solutions

Our range of scrubber system solutions are specially tailored for diverse industries and applications. Our offerings include a wide range of scrubbers such as sub-micron particles scrubbers, toxic gas scrubbers, fume scrubbers and dust particle scrubbers ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your application needs.

Our versatile wet scrubbers offer a wide range of material options for their construction, tailored to suit the specific requirements of your application. Whether it's mild steel, stainless steel, exotic steels, polypropylene, or other plastics and malleable materials, we ensure that each scrubber uses only the best materials as to ensure the highest quality.

Packed Bed Horizontal Scrubbers

Our Packed Bed Horizontal Scrubbers are a popular choice for efficiently removing fumes and gases from specific processes to ensure the release of clean air into the atmosphere.

One of the key advantages of our Packed Bed Horizontal Scrubbers is their crossflow design, that effectively minimises the pressure drop and enables lower irrigation rates, which leads to reduced liquor usage and power consumption.

Horizontal Venturi Scrubbers

To maintain a steady, even pressure drop across a broad spectrum of gas flows, the horizontal Venturi scrubber relies on a damper blade and actuator. To enhance its efficiency, a high-efficiency chevron mist eliminator is implemented, eliminating particulate-laden droplets from the gas stream before discharge.

Horizontal Venturi Scrubbers are types of wet scrubber that are commonly used in the processes of the elimination of extremely fine dust particles as they offer the advantage of optimum efficiency for these specific processes.

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